Why Choose Nutreat Pro40?

  • A 40g serve of Pro40 (with 100ml milk) or a 52g serve with water provides a High Energy & Protein Formulated Meal Replacement that complies with the FSANZ Food Standard Code
  • Pro40 is gluten free and made with heat stable whey protein allowing it to be added as an ingredient in all types of recipes without compromising the consistency
  • Pro40 is cost effective due to local production with premium quality ingredients & has a 2 year shelf life.
  • Pro40 Supplement Powder has been developed in conjunction with Australian food scientists and dietitians.
  • All Nutreat products are proudly made & owned in Australia.
  • Pro40 can be used to fortify all of the following: Regenerated cook/chill meals, soups, beverages, eggs, mashed vegetables, casseroles, porridge & desserts.
  • Pro40 is used extensively in Sports Nutrition and is highly recommended  across all areas of healthcare including Aged Care, Oncology, Renal and Sarcopenia support.
  • Pro40 is Hasta approved to support athletes at every level
  • Nutreat products are manufactured in a HACCP accredited commercial premises in Australia ensuring they are prepared in a Food Safe environment.

About Us

Who we are:

Nutreat Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. All Nutreat products are proudly made in Australia using locally sourced ingredients.
Nutreat Pty Ltd combines an experienced team of Australian healthcare experts including dietitians, speech pathologists and food technologists led by Jo Flannery, nutritionist and dietitian.
Jo has owned and operated a dietetic consultancy across all areas of clinical care; with a focus on aged care since 2002.
With the development and success of Pro40, initially developed to provide nutritional support for people who are at risk of poor or inadequate nutrition, Nutreat has recently branched out into Sports Nutrition to provide a neutral, easily digestible high protein, nutrition based supplement free from unnecessary fillers, additives and extras to enhance sport and fitness performance at every level.

Our mission:

To provide a delicious, nutrient rich supplement powder & snacks for between or with meals for people who need extra protein, energy, vitamins & minerals.