Nutreat Pro40 and Supplementation in Children and Adolescents

A well-balanced diet is fundamental in helping children grow and develop at the appropriate rate through each stage of life. Children need a positive energy balance and the correct range of nutrients to support their immune system and promote overall wellbeing. Establishing healthy eating habits early in life will help children to eat well and reduce their risk of chronic disease when they become adults.  


Protein is an essential macronutrient vital for brain development, organ function, muscle growth and repair and maintaining a healthy immune system. Obtaining adequate protein is particularly important throughout infancy, childhood and adolescence due to the demands of growth and development.


Both the quality and quantity of protein are important to meet the needs of children during childhood and adolescence. Animal-rich protein sources include eggs, dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt), poultry, fish, and beef which can ensure that a child gets nutrients including iron, zinc, vitamin B12, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Protein-rich plant foods including tofu, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, nut butters, quinoa and brown rice, can contribute to total protein intake and can increase children’s dietary fibre intake.


Protein recommendations for children and adolescents by age and gender can be seen in the table below. 

Many protein powders on the market are unsuitable for children as they contain sweeteners, fillers, additives and stimulants. Nutreat Pro40 is a natural, easily digestible protein-based nutrition supplement free from unnecessary fillers, gluten, caffeine, additives and extras and provides all of the essential amino acids that the body needs for optimum health. 


Some protein powders provide 80 grams of protein per serving. This is considerably more than a growing child needs in one day, let alone in one serving. For example, a 15-year old Male weighing 55kg needs roughly 65g protein per day or (0.99g/kg/day) = 54.45g protein per day. 


If you have an active child, picky eater or are concerned whether your child is getting the nutrition that they need, Nutreat Pro40 can provide a quick and easy way to help fill those gaps. For children following a specialised diet including vegetarian or vegan diets, having a Pro40 smoothie or shake can help them to meet their protein requirements. 

One serve of Nutreat Pro40 (40 grams) provides 16 grams of complete
protein and 20 essential vitamins and minerals to assist with meeting
nutrition requirements.