Malnutrition and Pro40

Malnutrition is a deficiency of protein, energy, and other nutrients the body requires to function adequately. This results in weight loss, wasting of muscle and fat stores, lowered physical and mental performance, lowered resistance to infection and impaired wound healing. The loss of muscle mass is referred to as sarcopenia which limits physical activity, increases the risk of falls, and can reduce a person’s overall quality of life. 

Malnutrition is typically prevalent in older adults >65 years of age, seen regularly in aged care settings, hospitals and in the community. It is estimated that up to 50% of aged care residents, 40% of hospitalised patients and 1-17% of people in the community experience malnutrition. Many hospitalised patients are admitted already malnourished, then discharged back into the community without action or resolution, leading to poor health outcomes.

Younger people with acute or chronic health conditions can also experience malnutrition.

Causes of Malnutrition are varied, however Inadequate nutritional intake and Increased energy (calories) requirements are two of the main reasons a person can lose weight unintentionally, which is a key indicator of malnutrition.


Treating malnutrition aims to restore protein reserves which are often low and prevent further muscle loss. High protein, high energy foods should be the next step, and small frequent meals are often better tolerated than large meals.

How can Nutreat Pro40 benefit those who are Malnourished or at risk of Malnutrition?

Pro40 provides a high calorie protein supplement which can help you meet your daily nutritional needs when your usual diet is not enough.

For example, for people who are at nutritional risk, on modified diets, experiencing involuntary weight loss, increased risk of sarcopenia due to the ageing process, recovering from illness or surgery or require wound management support.

Nourishing mid-meals are vital in a high protein, high energy diet and when oral intake is difficult to manage. A Pro40 nutritional smoothie can bridge a gap in meeting increased requirements. A serve of 52 gram added to water or 40 gram added to 100ml milk complies with the FSANZ Food Standard Code for a High Energy & High Protein Formulated Meal Replacement.